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Hello Everyone,

I have just finished my website and would like any feedback in regards to its design and information on it.  I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands on St. Thomas and we live and breath web sites here.

All of our weddings are from State side brides.   So the web site is very important.

Not only do we want it to rank high in the seach enginges but also appeal to wedding couples.

Please take a look.



Also I am doing webs for the other business both here and in the states.


Thank you


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You put http:// twice in your website address. So whenever some one will click on your website link, he/she will not see your website. Website name is very big. Majority of people use 1024*768 screen resolution or higher. So it makes sense to switch to such resolutions. The header image covers majority of the screen. If it could be made a little smaller, then it would be good. For optimum performance in search engines, your title tag of the home page should be something like:

St. Thomas wedding planner, St. John Wedding Planner, Virgin Island Wedding Planner

I choosed 'planner' instead of 'wedding' cos people will type something like st. thomas wedding planner when they will search for your services on google and not 'st. thomas weddings.




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