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Where do you market your event company to get contract easily

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The best way to start is by mouth to your friends n family
2nd is social medial. What is helping my business is my page on Facebook. In few months I've got 1500 fans

I carry them along on what's new n they keep coming.

But the best way to traffic is ur attitude, once u r good to a client, he/she will refer you for next available jobs or to friends in need.

That's my page address, you can like n comment to show your love

If you are from India then just add your business in 360 Wedding Planners website. You can also post B2B Lead there and contact top planners throughout India.

To acquire contracts for your  event management company,you will have to first advertise about the company.You could do this on the internet,put up adds on the social networking sites,send out bulk emails.Also you could join a local organisation ,where you can talk about your business and give people information about it.Word of mouth is a very important way of contacting people especially if you want to capture the local market.

Timing is very important for market your event. Plan in such a way that it doesn't conflict with other activities. Know holidays, celebrations ahead of time and calendarize your events accordingly. Understand your competitor's event timings, evaluate them, it can help you create new ideas to exploit their weaknesses and mitigate their strengths. 

by giving a ads in newspaper and banners we can easily get  clients

Yes all above are very effective source of marketing. we prefer social media marketing and now a days Internet marketing is very rapidly growing. try that.

Oh yes Preeti now a days we can advertise threw social media it is a nice idea and we can have a Event more and more

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