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I just got engaged and I am in the very first stages of planning my wedding here in San Francisco.  I am kind of confused, I thought this forum would have lots of helpful hints for me, but its has a lot of topics that talk about leadership and such...

Planning this wedding is a bit overwhelming.  I started the process so far have only gotten a proposal from one San Francisco Caterer.  I have no idea how to find out if they are good, or if their prices are reasonable....I just need help, but I am hesitant to spend the money to hire an event planner....


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Hello Susan, My name is Nancy Natal I am a wedding/Event planner station in New York City. Yes, planning is very overwhelming but at the same time can be fun when is organized correctly. Make sure you have a set budget and guest list and the date this help you out alot. You can email me at loveiswep@yahoo.com for further consultation free of charge...

Happy Planning,
Nancy Natal
LOVEIS Wedding/Event Planning

Thank you Nancy, that is super nice of you.  We kind of put everything on hold until after the holidays, but I will definitely contact you in the future.  Thanks!



You are very welcome.  Enjoy your Christmas and have a safe New Year!



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