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Booking Celebrities??? How to Book them? Event Ideas?? discussions all welcome here!!!

All Discussions welcome regarding booking Celebrities, Music Artists,( Xfactor, Britains got Talent and global music artists, Bands, TV Stars and Entertainment In general.......


So If your a promoter?


Event Organiser?

or Manager for venues or festivals etc?


Or someone looking for Exclusive talent & celebrities for events, awards Nights and cermonies, Nighclubs etc then please join this group!!


Lets get communicating!! :)




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How do i go about dis


Great, If you send an email to bookings@prbmediaglobal.com

Please give as much detail about what you wish to discuss???? are you looking to book entertainment?? which celebrity or music artist do you require??

Look forward to hearing from you.


Ours is a event management company, based in Gurgaon.

Require consultant for promotion of business.  Even ready to offer equal partnership

Please reply to meatammehta@gmail.com

Hey this a great hub for event organisers.Sorry am not into this type of business but my friend is,who holds the business of event planning.nestled in the heart of malibu wine country.Will surely join this.Its great.

can i get a list of the fees taken by the Bollywood celebrities, singers and comedians..?

Hello Nishikant,Are you planning for some event or some concert??

ya i'm planning for a Bollywood celebs stage show in my state.. 

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