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13 Reasons for using Mobile Applications in Event Organization

Many event organizers are already thinking about using mobile devices to interact with their attendees and increase the efficiency of the event.

As an event producer, you can take advantage by building a native mobile app that delivers content related to your specific event and provides features to help attendees get the most from it.

Your event is coming soon and you still don`t have such an app?

Here are 1
3 main reasons why you should provide mobile application for your participants:

1. Easy access to event info. Give your attendees all the event information in a truly interactive format. Let them view additional info about speakers, sessions and sponsors. Engage at your event like never before.

2. Connection with attendees. Thus it is impossible to predict everything and some changes can appear at the last moment, you are able to notify the participants about any updates in a very comfortable way.


3. Additional value for sponsors. The app lets you showcase your sponsors` logos, history, details,contacts and more to a very targeted audience. That increase their visibility and interaction with attendees.

4. Personalized agenda. Perfect opportunity to create personal schedule easy and fast. No chance to miss an interesting topic.

5. No paper trash and harm to nature. Organize a more sustainable event with less printing and the ability to make last minute changes live. Care about environment – the app is more eco than paper brochures.

6. Not dependent on the Internet. Native mobile application works no matter whether there is wi-fi at the venue or not. You're not tied to the World Wide Web.

7. Great for multiple events. If your events are regular such an app will be the best solution. Be sure attendees get the info about the next event in time.

8. Simplified web interfaces for mobile devices. Mobile app can contain all the information from the website but in a simple form. The app can be white-labeled, so your logo and branding appears there.

9. Map of venue. Ensure delegates know how to get to the right place. Also provide them with the detailed map of the venue so no one is lost.

10. Prestige and modern. The event will be associated with doing something cool and progressive, while at the same time providing a useful service to participants.

11. Real time feedback. Before, during or after the event attendees can contact organizers and share their thoughts. After all, if you are in your participants’ pockets, you really can't get any closer!

12. Marketing tool. Customized mobile application will be a great advertisement for any business. That will also help to increase brand loyalty.


13. Reliable assistant. To ensure your attendees won't lose brochures with the conference info implement it into the mobile phone – device that is always with you.

However, for mobile application to be a cost effective, sustainable and truly interactive element of the event, you need to consider exactly what you hop
e to achieve. Anyway event attendees with thank you for mobile app and service.

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Nice set of reasons for using mobile phones in social events.Mobile communication is a very important part of the events.The work speed increases 10 times due to this.

There are quite a few number of application tools? Are there any that you would recommend? I'm part of a team that just developed one called NightlifeVIP. I'd appreciate some feedback from event planners as to it's efficiency. I'm a former event planner myself and I love it, but then I am biased. You can check it out on: www.stratogistics.com. Thank you in advance!!!

Hi Natalie,

Nightlive VIP application is pretty good for event organizers. Thanks for sharing it.

Such an app will be very useful while planning some party or banquets.

And during conferences, forums and similar events one can offer a special app for attendees. For example http://rozdoum.com/eventor.html

Thanks Anna. I'm glad you like NightlifeVIP. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it.

I appreciate the other suggestion- I will pass that onto my friends in conferences.

I was wondering if someone could give our program a test drive and perhaps write a review or just give some feedback? It would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe I missed it, but what app is recommended for this.  Also, don't forget that tarpsplus.com is a tremendous help for any outdoor event you may be planning.

Hi Becky-

It's NightlifeVIP. You can download it at www.stratogistics.com. Would you mind checking it out and giving me a party planner's review? That would be amazing!!



Thanks for sharing this useful information, Its really very interesting, informative & easy easily useable, one can get details anywhere, anytime.


"No paper trash and harm to nature. Organize a more sustainable event with less printing and the ability to make last minute changes live. Care about environment – the app is more eco than paper brochures."


During event planing and after it lot's of thing's working around us which harms the nature. One of the good part of these apps are to carry your work in smart way without harm the nature. Using paper cut's you off from attendees one you published. But using app's all in your hand anytime.

You are absolutely right about every point you have just mentioned here.

I strongly believe that with changing technology, if people can change the way they access information on a daily basis, then even important tasks can be handled depending on similar technologies. If the world has moved from Computer PCs to mobile devices and tablets, then even management activities can be well handled from these devices. 

In fact, it has proven to be a more effective way of management. With different features that help in conducting actions at the right time. Maintaining a database of vendors and visitors, is a primary element that can be taken care of in a few seconds. It not only helps in the current event, but for future reference too.

There is one very important element of every event, which is the most crucial and the most difficult. It is communication. Building a timely communication flow with every person associated with the event, is the most crucial part, and the most difficult one too. But if the process is automated with the help of apps and event-specific-softwares, this important task can be completed in a few seconds with no problems. 

I think this is a process which is both generic and customized. Features provide a generic method of managing and working, while mechanism, planning and execution is completely customized and dependent on individual preferences on working.

Anthony Weiner


event2mobile is an industry-leading platform that allows event managers and organisers to give attendees an unprecedented level of engagement and information through their mobile devices.

Easy access is a common reason for using it.As an event planner in Finland country i use to do some myy lippuja or selling ticket and create also some ideas on how to make the even look nice.All i can say organizing an event really take a lot of effort and creativity and doing it is really difficult thanks to some apps for making it easy.

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